Profumatore d'Artista • 500 ml

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The sea is among the most important sources of life. For us, at Acqua dell’Elba, living and working literally in the middle of it, the sea is our guide, inspiration, passion. A love that we share with the love for Elba Island, for all islands and all places by the sea. Life, richness, culture: the sea is a heritage of us all, which we celebrate each year with the SEIF - Sea Essence International Festival.

Three days of meetings, debates, shows, art, education, music and dissemination that have at the centre the essence of the sea, in all of its facets. A project aimed at the protection and enhancement of what we consider the most precious resource.

This year, to celebrate the beauty of the sea and to share the aims of our project with as many people as possible, we have chosen to personalise our most iconic Home Diffuser – “Mare” – with the silk-screened reproduction of one of the works of the sandpaper collages from the “Mediterraneo” series by Cristina Sammarco.

The collages by Cristina Sammarco are a material distillation of the sea, filtered through sensations. The place of inspiration is Elba Island, which the artist brings to life in the multiplicity of its colours.

The art critic Roberto Borghi describes the sea represented in this way by Cristina Sammarco as “a filter, a sphere capable of distilling states of grace, which allows life to reach its zenith.”

A splendid message that in turn becomes our gift to the sea: the net revenue from the operation will in fact go to sustaining the projects of the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation.