Production and Sales

  1. Production and Sales
The laboratory

The laboratory

The heart of Acqua dell’Elba is in the laboratory in Marciana Marina, where from 2000 Chiara, Fabio and Marco work with passion alongside expert artisans, crystallising the essence of an extraordinary environment by giving birth to unique and inimitable fragrances.


This is where the first Acqua dell’Elba shop was opened. A place where research, production and sales come together, where the magic of fragrances being born can be truly experienced first-hand.


Our shops

Our shops

19 branded shops on Isola d’Elba

2 in Rome: in via Condotti and in via Frattina

2 in Florence: in via Calzaiuoli and in Piazza San Giovanni

1 in Venice: in Campo San Bartolomeo

1 in Siena: in via Banchi di Sopra

1 in Lucca: in via Fillungo

1 in Palermo: in via Maqueda

1 in Como: in via Muralto

28 Acqua dell’Elba Experience Locations

A unique occasion to truly experience the escent of the sea.

Our Distribution Network

Our Distribution Network

Acqua dell’Elba has partnerships with the best and most prestigious perfumeries and fragrance boutiques in Italy. 580 sales points where our customers can find, through an accurate selection of our products, the uniqueness of the scent of the sea.