Refills for room diffusers, make your sensory journey endless

Refills for room diffusers, make your sensory journey endless

Refills for room diffusers, make your sensory journey endless

Simple, practical and kind to the environment: Acqua dell'Elba room diffuser refills keep the Mediterranean atmosphere alive in every room, day after day. With our room diffuser refills, available in all Acqua dell'Elba fragrances, your journey is never ending through the nuances of sun-drenched coastlines, woods and flowering meadows, caressed by the sea breeze. It is a way to renew the magical atmosphere of the sun-kissed coastline lapped by the sea. Each Acqua dell'Elba room diffuser can be easily refilled, so that you can continue to experience the sensations of pleasure and well-being of your favourite fragrance, without any waste. In addition to being an invitation to reuse our room diffuser, our refills are also environmentally friendly because of the materials they are made from: recycled R-PET plastic for the 500 ml size, and fully recyclable aluminium for the larger 1000 ml and 2500 ml sizes.

Keep your precious glass and wood bottle and give it new life: with our refills, in the fragrance you love most, it will continue to bring its unmistakable touch of the Mediterranean to every room.

Renew the enchantment of the Mediterranean with our room diffuser refills

Refills for room diffusers are the easiest and most practical way to maintain the beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes that inspire Acqua dell'Elba fragrances. All the scents you love are available as refills, in three practical sizes of 500 ml, 1000 ml and 2500 ml. With them, you can choose to breathe new life into your room diffusers and keep the essence of the sea alive in every corner of your home.

Each room diffuser refill is a new chapter in your journey through the wonderful world of Mediterranean fragrances; an opportunity to renew and prolong that sensory experience and preserve it over time. The freshness of the sea, the vibrant citrus fruits, the sweet flowers, the depth of spices and the woods of the Mediterranean maquis: every ambience draws on these natural treasures to create little corners of paradise. It is a way to keep the atmosphere alive, and also to care for the environment: by keeping your room diffuser and prolonging its life with Acqua dell'Elba refills, you can reduce waste and help to preserve the natural beauty of the Mediterranean.

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