Corporate Gifts: Discover Ways to Add a Touch of Originality with Acqua dell'Elba's Proposals

The Christmas season is a very important time for companies, not just because they have to square off the year that is about to end, but also because it is the right occasion for showing gratitude towards co-workers and clients. Corporate Christmas gifts, therefore, are much more than a simple present, they are also a means to increase loyalty among co-workers and improve brand awareness. The selection of quality products ensures the achievement of both objectives.

How to Select the Right Corporate Gifts

In order to select an original corporate Christmas gift capable of satisfying the recipients, it is useful to begin from the meaning this gift is meant to convey: historically, presents have always performed a very important anthropological function, assuming strong emotional and symbolic values which reflect upon the state of mind of the recipient.

Therefore, a corporate gift represents the actual manifestation of a gesture of gratitude towards the recipient, as well as a moment of great satisfaction for the giver. It is important to bear in mind that corporate Christmas gifts are a means to foster empathy with the recipient: thus they assume even deeper significance when they are delivered to employees and co-workers. Furthermore, there is also a "social footprint" left behind by the Christmas gift: selecting an original Christmas gift allows the company to best express its corporate image.

Precisely for such reason, no ideas should be excluded "a priori", and perhaps involving the whole team will lead to the selection of the most appropriate gift, the one which best expresses the company's corporate values.

Christmas Packages of Corporate Gifts

The selection of the most appropriate corporate gifts also involves the choice of the right gift packaging: it is in fact necessary to make an accurate selection of the products, ensuring that they are capable of combining elegance with originality, as well as of surprising the recipient.

Form is at least as important as content: packaging of corporate gifts should be up to the standard of the products contained within, conveying all of the warmth and emotions this particular festivity is infallibly able to generate.

Original Proposals by Acqua dell'Elba

The entire Acqua dell'Elba team pooled its efforts to propose a series of original ideas for your Christmas corporate gifts. If you would like to give your client or co-worker a gift capable of enveloping them in the breeze of the Elban sea, these products may be the solution you were looking for.

Our gift boxes for men, for women or for men and women have been created to deliver an embrace and a moment of relaxation to those of us who wish to immerse themselves in the most authentic fragrances of the Island we call home. Aside from our perfumes for women, for men and our Eaux de Toilette, you may also purchase corporate gifts containing home fragrance diffusers: the Home Gift Box package in fact contains scented chalks, home fragrance diffusers In the Note di Natale fragrance as well as a scented candle, also in the same fragrance.

Selecting your corporate gifts among Acqua dell'Elba's Christmas range will afford you the chance of giving an original gift, unexpectedly bringing a gust of freshness to the recipient. Creating an enveloping atmosphere with our home fragrance diffusers or almost magically transporting people to an orchard full of citrus trees is what has always distinguished the products we create, in full respect and development of the artisanal tradition which has always guided Acqua dell'Elba.

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