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Our Story

Sailing off on that shiny May morning, we surely did not expect that Isola D’Elba’s fresh breeze would take us on such an extraordinary journey.

Through the exhilarating fragrances of the plants of Isola D’Elba and with the caress of the wind filling our sails, our vessel sailed smoothly over a sea ready to reveal its secrets to us.

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Acqua dell'Elba was founded as a family business and it is a 'venture' to all intents and purposes: as an entrepreneurial dream but also and above all as an adventure. It is the result of the three founders' passion for perfumes and of a common dream, that of reviving the magic of the Tuscan Renaissance workshop on Elba, thanks to the expertise of the best master perfumers.

The ambition to recreate the essence of the sea in a fragrance that is rooted in the very scents characterising our island is what has distinguished our company from the outset and has motivated us to do more and better, to fully enhance our territory and our people. In fact, Acqua dell'Elba's solid roots on our island and community have led it to become a representative of the Made in Tuscany excellence in Italy and abroad.

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Discovery Box

Choosing a perfume is an activity that needs time and reflection: indeed, the first one you appreciate might not always be the most capable of fully expressing your personality. To facilitate this decision process Acqua dell’Elba launched the Discovery Box project, an initiative which has immediately garnered huge interest on the part of our e-commerce clients.

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Artisan parfumeur d'un jour

Chaque jour, les experts artisans d'Acqua dell'Elba interprètent les sensations et les évocations de la mer afin de créer des produits uniques et faits à la main, tout en utilisant des techniques artisanales typiques de l'île d'Elbe. La réalisation d'un parfum est un art. Pouvoir le faire de ses propres mains dans un véritable laboratoire artisanal est une expérience unique. 

À partir d'aujourd'hui, cela est possible grâce à « Artigiano Profumiere per un giorno » (artisan parfumeur pour un jour), une expérience sensorielle unique visant à « transformer » les clients et les touristes de l'île en véritables artisans du parfum.

Au sein des laboratoires, les maîtres artisans vous guideront à travers les phases de transformation des produits et vous accompagneront dans un voyage à la découverte de l'art du parfum.

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