Time for a “Remise En Forme” / Detox Routine with #bodygift. Because your body deserves a gift.

Time for a “Remise En Forme” / Detox Routine with #bodygift. Because your body deserves a gift.

Time for a “Remise En Forme” / Detox Routine with #bodygift. Because your body deserves a gift.

After months of video-conferences, online shows and calls with friends, the time has come to start thinking about your body once again: get back in shape and increase your well-being.

Even if spring still seems far away, our body starts longing for the start of a new season, in which we will finally be able to meet in person once again instead of encounters taking place by telephone, tablet or computer.

To re-start taking care of your body, Acqua dell’Elba recommends starting from your skin, the border between your interior self and the world that surrounds you, at the same time a shield and a window into your well-being and state of mind.

Within our lines of bath products, you will find many possibilities to do so: choose the package you prefer and fill it with the bath products of the fragrances Classica, Blu, Arcipelago and Sport.

Shopping Proposal No. 1: #BODYGIFT Beauty.
Start by putting in your shopping cart the Aquamarine beauty case in Acqua dell’Elba’s classic colour: you may choose among 5 different formats. Ideal as your travel or gym companion (because soon we will start travelling and training at the gym again), it will conveniently store in an orderly fashion all of the bath products in your favourite fragrance. You may choose to fill it with a Shower Gel, Moisturising Body Lotion and Hand Sanitising Gel, or create a masculine version by substituting the Body Lotion with Aftershave.

Shopping Proposal No. 2: #BODYGIFT Box.
If would like to enrich your spirit’s well-being as well as that of your body, besides our Bath products you may also choose Home fragrance diffusers. Begin your shopping by selecting an ideal package for the gifts you’d like to purchase: should you choose the three-product box, for example, you may decide to combine the Shower Gel and Moisturising Body Lotion or Aftershave (if the gift is for men) with a “Mare” Home fragrance diffuser. The exclusive bouquet of this fragrance contains relaxing notes of lemon and rosemary accompanied by the floral hints of sea lily which recall nature and those of marine algae and Mediterranean Maquis which evoke the sense of well-being we all dream for our next holiday.

Show us your purchases by publishing them on your social media and tagging Acqua dell’Elba using the hashtag #BodyGift.

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