There are new notes in the air. They are the scented notes of Acqua dell’Elba’s new perfume, Essenza. Just like the notes of a musical symphony inspired by the sea, they arise from the heart to caress the waves, soaring over the horizon to reach our souls. They point us towards new horizons and new possibilities. Faithfully bound to the craftsmanship of artisans who dedicate their lives to the creation of manufacts inspired by the sea. Authentic interpreters of the sensations and evocations of the sea. 


Essenza is a double symphony inspired by the sea. Intense and sensual for her, with head notes of bergamot, orange, sea lily and Scotch broom; core notes of jasmine, magnolia, orange tree flowers, lily of the valley, roses, tuberose and pepper; and background notes of white moss, cedarwood, hints of amber and woods and resins of the Mediterranean Maquis.

Fresh and energising for him, with head notes of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, marine rockrose and sage; core notes of jasmine, violet, geranium and pepper; and background notes of marine algae and woods from oak, cedar, lentiscus and strawberry trees.

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