Refill Home Fragrances • Cala del Fico • 500 ml

  • € 57,00
Refill Home Fragrance • 500 ml
With the “Cala del Fico” room diffuser, every space, from the most intimate and discreet to the largest and most welcoming, is transformed into a tribute to those uncontaminated places that still exist, silent witnesses to the beauty of nature.
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The thousand nuances of prickly pear and the sweet notes of ripe fig, the vibrant contrast of pink grapefruit and the enveloping scents of the scrub: from the first encounter with the new “Cala del Fico” room diffuser, you’ll be enveloped in the the atmosphere of a quiet Mediterranean cove, lulled by the song of the cicadas and the sweet sound of the waves lapping on the beach.

Within its scent profile there is the enchantment of a regenerating walk in nature, among the prickly pears, trees full of ripe figs and citrus fruits swaying in a gentle breeze. It is an invitation to take refuge in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean summers, where the aromas of the scrub blend with the salty notes of the sea and the intense scents of a sun-kissed land.

500 ml