Aftersun Lotion • Face and Body • 400 ml

  • € 38,00

Today you can find all of Acqua dell’Elba’s experience in creating and developing products inspired by the sea in its latest range of solar care products. Solar care products for the body, face, scrubs and after-sun for your sunniest days out. Those you spend on a sailing boat, feeling free while you ride the waves in the silence of the open sea; those you spend hiking through the trails of an island, surrounded by colours, essences and transparencies which fill your soul; those you spend basking in the elegance of a terrace with a sea view, cuddled by the pleasures of a warm summer day.

A range of solar care products developed by people who really know the sea.
A range of solar care products with the sea at their core.

Solar care lotions for the face, with high and very high SPF protection; solar care lotions for the body, with high and very high SPF protection.
Comfortable lotions, technologically advanced, to prepare, protect and treat your skin for sun exposure.
A concentrate of active marine ingredients, algae and precious coral dust, combined with a complex with specific protective properties against damage from sun exposure.