Summer is dressed in Blue, the collection of fragrances for free spirits

Summer is dressed in Blue, the collection of fragrances for free spirits

Summer is dressed in Blue, the collection of fragrances for free spirits

Created in the heart of the Mediterranean, where the deep blue meets the light, it develops into a composition of aromas that captures the essence of the purest emotions: this is Blu, the Eau de Parfum collection dedicated to her and him, daring personalities who break out of the mould to take refuge in the strong, enveloping embrace of the sea. With dedication and care, Acqua dell'Elba has distilled its beauty and enclosed it in a bottle, to be immersed in its full and vibrant notes, breathing in the freshness of the breeze and celebrating its uniqueness.

The women's Eau de Parfum is a floral essence that evokes ancient secrets and an energy hidden in the very fabric of the fragrance, in which a harmony of petals and salt is revealed, with intense notes of fig and citrus blended with precious woods. It is a scent for those who listen to the call of the sea, for those who find strength and refuge in hidden, authentic places, allowing themselves to be enveloped in the silence of their own intimacy. An Eau de Parfum for those who do not follow fashions, but their heart.

In its masculine version, Blu is an Eau de Parfum with a fresh and dynamic soul, evoking the freedom of adventures, imbued with vibrant ripe citrus fruits and fresh sea lily. Notes of myrtle and cistus are intertwined with musks and woods, evoking journeys to distant horizons. It is the Eau de Parfum created for the man who seeks adventure, who loses himself in the freshness of the sea and finds himself in the folds of the wind. Blu for Men is a celebration of freedom and discovery, a tale written on his skin with the ink of the sea.

With the bath and body line, notes of Blu become harmony

To complete the sensory experience, let yourself be inspired by the bath and body line in the same fragrance, designed to enhance and prolong the pleasure of the notes in the Blu Eau de Parfum. The ritual begins with the Marine Sand Body Scrub and continues with the Bath and Shower Gel, with a gentle foam that delicately cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and scented with the notes of Blu, for a pleasant sensation of freshness. After a shower or a relaxing bath, the Moisturising Body Cream is a daily treat that deeply nourishes your skin, leaving it silky and radiant.

Its lightweight, fast-absorbing texture melts into the skin, gradually releasing the unmistakable notes of Blu. For those who want an even more intense action, the Blu Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream offers deep hydration and an anti-ageing effect, leaving the skin supple and glowing. And for those who love practicality, the Moisturising Soap in the Blu fragrance and the Perfumed Wipes are ideal for refreshing your skin during the day and for carrying the notes of Blu with you at all times. Each product in the Blu Line is an invitation to lose yourself in the beauty of its olfactory blends, which evoke stories of freedom and a deep connection with the sea.

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