Tartabeachtour, our initiative to protect sea turtles

Tartabeachtour, our initiative to protect sea turtles

Tartabeachtour, our initiative to protect sea turtles

Every summer, the Mediterranean becomes the scene of a natural miracle: the sea turtle egg hatching, an event that captures the attention of nature lovers and many tourists. However, behind the magic that happens between the golden waves of the sand and those of the sea is a situation that needs our commitment. There are a multitude of dangers for the ancient navigators of our sea, such as harmful fishing nets, water pollution and marine traffic. For this reason, here at Acqua dell'Elba, we have chosen to support Legambiente in the Tartalove project, a concrete initiative that aims to protect sea turtles and raise public awareness of the importance of the fragile ecosystem in which they live.

  • Recovery and care: injured turtles are rescued and treated in specialist centres.
  • Nest monitoring: we survey the nesting beaches to protect the eggs and ensure that the young can reach the sea.
  • Awareness-raising: we organise educational activities for fishermen, tourists and local communities, promoting practices that are kind to the marine environment.

Tartabeachtour and the Tartalove room diffuser, a summer of awareness... and fragrance

One of the various initiatives that we have decided to launch together with Legambiente is the Tartabeachtour, a new and exciting way to involve the public on the Island of Elba during summer 2024. The initiative will start on 3rd July from Marciana Marina and run until 27th August, involving 15 locations on the island with a packed calendar of events. Each stage of the Tartabeachtour will be an opportunity to learn and have fun: games, workshops and educational activities will allow participants to discover the world of sea turtles and understand the importance of their conservation; it will not only be about information, but an immersive experience that directly connects people with marine life and its delicate balance.

On 16th June 2024, to celebrate World Sea Turtle Day and to give concrete financial support to Legambiente, we will also be launching a special edition of our 500 ml “Isola d’Elba” room diffuser, with a wooden cap decorated with the Tartalove logo for this occasion. This symbol of our commitment will be on sale until 28th February 2025 in Acqua dell'Elba flagship shops and online. For each room diffuser purchased, 15% of the price will be donated to Tartalove, in order to financially support nest monitoring, care for injured turtles and various awareness-raising activities. It is a simple gesture that can make a big difference.

We are delighted to be supporting Tartalove again together with our community. Back in 2021, we helped Legambiente rescue and care for an injured Loggerhead sea turtle, and today we are enthusiastically renewing our commitment. Behind every rescued turtle there is a story that deserves to be told and that of “Elba” (this is the name given by our community to the injured turtle that was freed after weeks of treatment in the Manfredonia centre, which was renovated also thanks to the contribution of Acqua dell'Elba and its community) is a powerful example of what we can achieve by working together. If you wish, you can watch the video of its release after treatment here:

Join us in protecting turtles

In the Mediterranean, thousands of sea turtles are facing deadly dangers every year. Our commitment is crucial to ensure their survival. Just one turtle in a thousand reaches adulthood, underlining the urgency of our actions. Participate in our mission by purchasing the “Isola d’Elba” room diffuser. Every contribution is valuable to build a future for the marine environment and turtles.

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