Classica for Women, the Eau de Parfum that encapsulates the essence of the sea

Classica for Women, the Eau de Parfum that encapsulates the essence of the sea

Classica for Women, the Eau de Parfum that encapsulates the essence of the sea

"Classica for Women" has a delicate feel on your skin, a women's Eau de Parfum that expresses a discreet, graceful elegance with its union of floral and marine essences. As transparent and pure as the sea that skims the coast, as fresh and delicate as the flowers that decorate the landscape. The top notes of the composition introduce a world of sweet freshness that evokes the springtime of sunny coasts, where the scent of orange blossoms mingles with the fresh sea breeze, to then bloom into a bouquet of gardenia and jasmine, a portrait of the lush gardens of the Island of Elba. The enveloping floral notes evoke a delicate, yet bold femininity: a blend that conveys sweetness and intimacy.

At the heart is the freshness of Sea Cistus, a memory of Mediterranean landscapes, adding a lively and dynamic dimension to the composition. Then, in the base notes, the "Classica for Women” Eau de Parfum reveals its warmth and sensuality with white musk, cedar wood and arbutus, intense nuances that add depth and persistence to the fragrance.

It is a versatile and unmistakable composition that suits every occasion.

Highlight the Classica for Women fragrance every day

To complete the sensory experience of the “Classica for Women” Eau de Parfum, Acqua dell'Elba offers a line of products perfect for immersing yourself in the notes of the fragrance, discreetly prolonging its bouquet.

The Bath and Shower Gel and the Moisturising Soap are the first step in a daily beauty ritual: they gently cleanse your skin, enveloping it in the unmistakable nuances of “Classica for Women”. To prepare your skin for the subsequent treatment, you can rely on the gentle exfoliating ability of the Marine Sand Scrub, again in the “Classica for Women” fragrance, before moisturising and nourishing it. Those who desire a soft, lightweight touch will love the texture of the Moisturising Body Cream: in a single step, your skin is immediately soft and velvety. And for those who desire deeper nourishment, the Hyaluronic Body Cream will be a must-have; with its rich formula and the precious properties of hyaluronic acid, it provides elasticity, radiance and intense hydration.

The line also includes Perfumed Wet Wipes, a practical touch of freshness to take everywhere with you, ideal if you’re always on the move, to cleanse your hands without giving up the pleasure of fragrance.

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