“Essenza Donna”: the Eau de Parfum for travelling to distant horizons

“Essenza Donna”: the Eau de Parfum for travelling to distant horizons

“Essenza Donna”: the Eau de Parfum for travelling to distant horizons

Essenza” is the women’s Eau de Parfum that captures the feminine essence in each one of its notes and transforms it into a compelling tale of faraway lands, lush nature and a deep connection with it. The fragrance opens with a portrait of an early summer’s day, as the sun slowly rises and colours the sea with golden hues; sparkling notes of bergamot, orange, sea lily and broom enshrine this bright beginning, which then gives way to a flowery, enveloping and sensual heart. Jasmine, magnolia, orange blossom, lily of the valley, rose, tuberose and pepper are the notes that travel in our imagination on a gentle breeze to design a journey to distant horizons. A complex and fascinating olfactory dance, made more energetic by the presence of citrus fruits.

Then, in the base notes, stories of enchanting sunsets and starry nights cradled by the wind are revealed, bringing with them, in a crescendo of warmth and depth, nuances of white musk, cedar wood, amber, woods and resins, which leave a persistent and seductive trail.

Amplify the enchantment of the Eau de Parfum with the products of the “Essenza Donna” Bath Line

For a total immersion in the “Essenza Donna” bouquet, we have created a line of body products designed to amplify and prolong the notes of the Eau de Parfum on the skin. The daily beauty ritual begins with the Exfoliating Sea Sand Scrub, a gentle treatment that renews the skin and prepares it for receiving subsequent treatments. The notes of “Essenza Donna” will envelop your skin, providing a moment of pure sensory pleasure. The sensory journey continues with the shower gel in the “Essenza” fragrance. Its gentle formula cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and fragrant, while the intense, enveloping bouquet of “Essenza” will accompany you, awakening the senses and turning a simple gesture into a wellness experience.

After showering, the Moisturising Body Cream is a delightful daily pampering. Its light, fast-absorbing texture deeply moisturises the skin, leaving it velvety and enveloped in the scent of “Essenza Donna” all day long. If you desire an even more nourishing action, entrust the finishing touch to the Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream, the ally for those who desire supple and radiant skin. Its rich, full-bodied formula deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, thanks to the anti-ageing properties of hyaluronic acid.

With the “Essenza Donna” Eau de Parfum and the products of the Bath Line enriched with its fresh and sensual notes, every moment becomes an opportunity to celebrate your beauty.

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