Awaken your senses with the “Mare” Room Diffuser

Awaken your senses with the “Mare” Room Diffuser

Awaken your senses with the “Mare” Room Diffuser

The fresh air of a summer morning, the sun rising on the horizon, and a Mediterranean coastline: a unique sensation that we have recreated with our first room diffuser. “Mare” is an essence that evokes the wonders of the Mediterranean through the nuances of its blue waters, golden beaches, the intense fragrances of the maquis and the lively scents of citrus fruits.

Its blend is an immersion into the beauty of authentic islands, welcoming each traveller with their enveloping vibrant notes, the call of the crystal-clear sea and the breeze caressing the shore; there is the energy of a morning dip, the sound of the waves and the scents of the coast.

With the “Mare” room diffuser, every space is transformed into an oasis of Mediterranean freshness and tranquillity, awakening the senses with notes of lemon, rosemary and sea lily, while the nuances of seaweed and cistus provide unmistakable hints of salt that blend with the intensity of the Mediterranean maquis. A room diffuser perfect for every space and every moment, capable of creating a welcoming atmosphere through the most characteristic scents of the Mediterranean and its landscapes.

All the “Mare” products, treasures of the Mediterranean

Make the sensory experience even more enveloping by combining the “Mare” room diffuser with products created with the same unmistakable fragrance. Scented ceramics, for example, are perfect for hanging in wardrobes, to diffuse among your clothes, jackets and carefully ironed shirts the same unmistakable scent that expresses the essence of those sun-kissed places lapped by the sea.

For an instant touch of freshness, combine with the practical Deo Spray, while to refresh sheets, curtains, linen and towels choose the fabric fragrance, to pamper your garments and for any fabric you wish to envelope in the scent inspired by seaside landscapes.

You can place the “Mare” fragrance between your carefully folded clothes, next to the fabrics you love most, in your car, or in the office, and breathe in its freshness every day: with scented chalks in the “Mare” essence, the atmosphere of the Mediterranean is always at your side. Available in two sizes, the “Mare” scented chalks hold its essence, so that you can breathe in the scents of a secluded cove whenever you wish and relive the excitement of a morning swim.

And for a touch of magic on a romantic evening, or to carve out some time for relaxation after a long day, you can light a “Mare” Scented Candle and surround yourself in the wellbeing and tranquillity of a hidden beach, just for you.

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