Smeraldo Eau de Parfum, a gift from the sea for Mother’s Day

Smeraldo Eau de Parfum, a gift from the sea for Mother’s Day

Smeraldo Eau de Parfum, a gift from the sea for Mother’s Day

We have a special gift for the woman in your life who inspires and guides you every day: an Eau de Parfum that evokes the sea, refined beauty and carefree moments spent together. Smeraldo is a breath of fresh air from the most evocative Mediterranean landscapes; with its floral and enveloping scent, it is like a fragranced embrace, to be given as a gift on Mother's Day to tell her how precious she is, just like a 'smeraldo’, the Italian word for emerald.

Inspired by the charm of the Island of Pianosa and its crystal-clear sea, Smeraldo is a fragrance that instils a pleasant sensation of fresh sweetness. Its nuances are balanced and harmonious, combining the velvety and rich intensity of gardenia with the unmistakable aroma of magnolia, which is fruity and floral at the same time. The top notes are completed by the fresh sea cistus and delicate citrus nuances of cedar and mandarin. In the middle notes, the composition is enriched by vibrant and enveloping touches of lemon and bergamot, a light ozonic scent, and green and floral nuances of geranium. It closes with deeper base notes of mastic, boxwood and juniper. It is an Eau de Parfum with a graceful and refined structure, perfect to be given with love to every mother on this special day.

Combine the Smeraldo Eau de Parfum with the Bath Line

To make your gift even more special, complete the experience with the products in the Smeraldo family. The notes of the Eau de Parfum are also found in the Shower Gel, the Moisturizing Body Cream and the Hyaluronic Body Cream, delicately highlighting its floral scent on the skin. For Mother's Day, you can create a beautiful and sophisticated gift box with Acqua dell'Elba products in the Smeraldo scent for a special, fresh and regenerating treat. The Shower Gel cleanses the skin while being kind to its physiological pH and leaves it soft, silky to the touch and pleasantly scented in the Smeraldo fragrance. Or, you can choose between the Moisturizing Body Cream, with a fluid and lightweight texture, to hydrate and keep the skin supple, or the Hyaluronic Body Cream, for even deeper nutrition. Its rich formulation creates an invisible yet effective barrier, which protects the skin from external agents, strengthening the hydro-lipid defence and preventing peeling. 

It is a tribute to Mediterranean beauty and its vitality, and a symbol of love and gratitude towards all mothers who love its landscapes and who wish to carry its essence with them, every day.

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