Wedding Line, the essence of love

Wedding Line, the essence of love

Wedding Line, the essence of love

The search for perfection is what makes a wedding unforgettable, for the bride and groom, and also for those who share their magical moment. This is what the Wedding Line by Acqua dell'Elba is all about: enriching your special day with a unique and unmistakable sensory dimension, which remains imprinted in everyone's memories. It is a collection designed to be alongside the bride and groom on their journey of love, from the ceremony to the reception, with elegance and sophistication: this is the heart of the Acqua dell'Elba Wedding Line.

Each product in the line has been created with the utmost care and attention to detail, to provide a sensory experience that blends harmoniously with the atmosphere of your wedding. From room diffusers to be discreetly placed in the spaces of the celebration, to scented candles, ideal for creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, each element has been designed to evoke the magic of the Tuscan Archipelago landscapes and transport it to the heart of your special day. 

Personalized gifts for a dream wedding

It will be our pleasure to assist you when choosing the fragrance that best represents your love.

Our personalization allows you to tailor each product in the Wedding Line according to your wishes, guided by the consultancy offered to the bride and groom in collaboration with expert wedding planners, to ensure that every aspect of the ceremony is designed down to the smallest detail. We can turn your dream of a perfect wedding into a reality. 

Our gifts for wedding guests, groomsmen and bridesmaids have been carefully created, personalized with names, initials, dates or loving sayings: small details that make each gift meaningful. The Wedding Line doesn’t end here. For newlyweds who wish to leave their guests with a lasting memory, Acqua dell'Elba offers elegant gift boxes that contain the essence of love and friendship, to be made up as desired from all the products in the catalogue.

It is an invitation to dream, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the Mediterranean sea and nature become silent witnesses to promises of eternal love. Because every wedding deserves to be remembered through the unique sensations that only a fragrance can evoke.

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