Spring blossoms in your home with the Costa del Sole room diffuser

Spring blossoms in your home with the Costa del Sole room diffuser

Spring blossoms in your home with the Costa del Sole room diffuser

Elba in the spring is a real spectacle: the paths come alive with the colours and scents of wild flowers, the quiet beaches invite you for long walks and the sunsets paint the sky in unforgettable shades. It’s the time when nature awakens and brings with it a renewed energy, ideal for planning your first trips away and for continuing to breathe in at home the scents of deserted beaches and paths through lush flora.

Costa del Sole’, with its enveloping olfactory blend, recreates in your home the sensation of a regenerating walk in the most authentic and unspoilt nature; it is a soothing and relaxing scent, to experience the beauty and vitality of spring in bloom every year. This sensory journey begins with a simple step and turns into an unforgettable experience along the gentle ascent and descent of a winding path through the Mediterranean maquis, to explore the succession of colours and scents and catch a glimpse of the sea amidst the tangle of mastic trees. There is a world of sensations in every drop.

Costa del Sole, breathe in the floral landscapes of the Mediterranean

The olfactory structure of the ‘Costa del Sole' room diffuser encapsulates the soul of the Mediterranean. Myrtle and rosemary, with their aromatic notes, evoke paths through the maquis, where the essence of the herbs blends harmoniously with the scent of the sea. The mastic tree brings a fresh, woody feel, and is mixed with hints of sea cistus, which add an intense, wild echo, recalling the coastline caressed by the waves. Finally, the notes of lemon and the sweetness of prickly pears evoke the sun kissing the Island of Elba, the first trips away caressed by its rays, and the return to life expressed in every flower that blooms.

Costa del Sole’ is available in various formats to suit every environment: from the smaller and more intimate 200 ml bottle to the more generous 2500 ml, the air is filled with the fragrances of spring on the island, with sea, nature and adventures waiting to be experienced with all the senses.


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