Every woman deserves a gift box as special as she is

Every woman deserves a gift box as special as she is

Every woman deserves a gift box as special as she is

International Women's Rights Day is drawing near. This important date urges each of us to never forget the historical struggles and daily battles had by women to achieve equality, freedom and recognition of their rights.

To our dear colleagues, companions, mothers, daughters, friends and sisters, we are dedicating a scent of affection and gratitude: our gift boxes, to be joyfully given to the boldest women in our lives.

There are many ideas aimed at the female universe inspired by the sea and the Mediterranean landscape, which are suitable for every personality, for each of them to enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience. These beauty gift sets contain fragrances and products from the Acqua dell'Elba bath line, different expressions of a single, heartfelt message of love and gratitude.

Our gift ideas for Women's Day

Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to send a message of affection and respect to all women who are our life, friendship, empathy and love. Gift boxes that contain essences inspired by the sea, freedom, and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, to experience time for wellbeing every day.

Our range of products for women includes a gift box containing a 100 ml Classica Donna Eau de Parfum, a Bath and Shower Gel also in the Classica fragrance and a Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream in the same unmistakable essence. The box set is also about looking after your face, with a 200 ml Hyaluronic Acid Cream included alongside a 200 ml Body Cream and Bath and Shower Gel in the Classica Donna fragrance.

These scented beauty elixirs, contained in an elegant Acqua dell'Elba green box, are ready to be given to the women close to your heart.

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