Valentine's Day gift ideas: “Mia” box sets, messages of love for him and her

Valentine's Day gift ideas: “Mia” box sets, messages of love for him and her

Valentine's Day gift ideas: “Mia” box sets, messages of love for him and her

February is the time of love and your mind wanders in search of the sweetest Valentine's Day gift ideas to declare a feeling, or renew a promise.

The “Mia” gift sets are small boxes that help you to express every nuance that defines a feeling, a symbol of care and passion. Enclosed in elegant green Acqua dell'Elba packaging, the Eau de Parfum miniatures come in pairs, just like two soul mates who vibrate in unison and meet by fate, leaving behind on your skin the sweet memory of the giver.

Classica, Essenza, Blu and Arcipelago: these are the scents available in our "Mia" gift boxes, in both men's and women's versions. Each box contains two small 15 ml bottles of the chosen fragrance, a refined and eloquent Valentine's Day gift idea to carry a message of love in a bottle.

Declarations of love in a bottle, for an unforgettable Valentine's Day

With passion, the essences travel to your heart, reaching into the depths of the self, where the heartbeat resonates and indelible emotions are born. The person who entrust their romantic gesture to the Classica fragrance caresses her the skin with a touch of gentle elegance, while on him the deep voice of the sea echoes in a fresh, enveloping bouquet.

The evocative power of Essenza is tinged with the infinite nuances of the sea, with rippling notes of citrus and floral, combined with spicy and woody scents. It is a powerful declaration of love, inherent in a fresh, elegant and strong blend.

The masculine version of Blu is a fresh and seductive fragrance that tickles the senses with its intense citrus embrace, while in its feminine form, it weaves a sweet floral texture.

Finally, Arcipelago is the hypnotic combination of marine notes, citrus and wild flowers for her, which becomes a calling for adventure and freedom in the version for him, featuring a lively and balanced blend of sage, pepper and rosemary, Mediterranean flowers and woods.

Your message of love is ready to be delivered, all that remains is for you to choose a fragrance from our Valentine's Day gift ideas to make your loved one's heart beat faster.



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