“Fiori”, the room diffuser that brings spring into your home

“Fiori”, the room diffuser that brings spring into your home

“Fiori”, the room diffuser that brings spring into your home

Amongst the greenery of the Island of Elba hills lies a story of nature and fragrances, which winds through floral paths and secret gardens, where the “Fiori” Room Diffuser was born.

It is a tale of passion and dedication that captures the essence of the island in every drop and places it at the centre of your world, to give you unforgettable and enduring emotions with its floral scent.

The gentle custodian of a hidden world in which nature manifests itself in all its splendour, the “Fiori” Room Diffuser takes you to the enchanted gardens of the Island of Elba, where flowers bloom under the warm Mediterranean sun and the scent of spring is carried by the crisp air rising from the sea.

It is a way to always feel a little closer to this magical land, immersed in blue and tinted with the thousand shades of its lush flora.

 Tiptoeing amongst the flowers of Elba

Like gentle dance steps, the floral notes of broom, helichrysum and jasmine intertwine in the air with the lively essence of fruity and fresh myrtle, and the amber memories of sea cistus, to then embrace the woods of the Mediterranean scrub in an elegant pirouette.

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to embody the variety and abundance of the Elba landscape in a colourful fragrance that is vibrant and delicate at the same time.

The “Fiori” Room Diffuser, available in 3 sizes, is a unique way of enjoying this experience. The smallest bottle, 200 ml, is suitable for the most intimate spaces, while the largest 2500 ml one is dedicated to those who love to surround themselves with a never-ending melody of flowers.

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported into a dream lulled by the sea breeze, tiptoe in a green expanse dotted with flowers, and inhale deeply in those hidden spaces that are full of life. To be part of it, all you need is a breath.

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