"Acqua": the unisex fragrance that unites kindred spirits

"Acqua": the unisex fragrance that unites kindred spirits

"Acqua": the unisex fragrance that unites kindred spirits

February is all about union and connection, it is the best time to awaken our senses with a unisex fragrance that evokes and celebrates the many bonds that define us. Valentine’s Day is already on the horizon and the whole month resonates with the energy of Aquarius, a zodiac sign with a strong creative energy and a profound sense of community and friendship. During this time, we are honouring universal love with the unisex fragrance "Acqua".

Acqua” is an ode to love in all its forms, the promise of an enduring sentiment, of a bond that overcomes distances and that manifests itself by sharing a fragrance. As the fourteenth of February draws near, “Acqua” becomes a gift that speaks to the heart, celebrating romantic and platonic love, and transcending boundaries with its scent: the warmth of an embrace, the joy of shared laughter and the echo of a conversation under the stars with the sound of the sea to highlight that infinite moment. This is the strength of “Acqua”,  a unisex fragrance to be shared with kindred spirits to value real and meaningful bonds, from romantic love to a precious friendship.

“Acqua”, an expanse of sea and flowers

Acqua" is much more than a unisex fragrance: it is a token of affection to be worn like a second skin. Its notes, a refined balance between the freshness of the sea and the sweetness of the flowers, evoke stories of shared experiences and encounters. Its evocative power manifests itself in a surge of marine and citrus nuances that blend with floral echoes of myrtle and jasmine, to then reveal an aromatic mix of myrtle berries, cedar wood and aquatic musk.

Wearing "Acqua” is about creating a deep connection with others, and transforming the simple act of sharing a fragrance into a meaningful bond. Giving it as a gift becomes a sincere and profound declaration of love and friendship, in all its forms. Souls and lives are intertwined each time it is sprayed, inextricably binding those who share it, strengthening intimacy and mutual affection.


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