Classica Bath Line, the wellness ritual for the New Year

Classica Bath Line, the wellness ritual for the New Year

Classica Bath Line, the wellness ritual for the New Year

The beginning of each year invites us to make room for new routines and good habits: the ideal time to indulge in the pleasure of the Classica Bath Line and renew our commitment to wellness on a daily basis.

To reconnect with ourselves through our personal care routine, we have selected three products for him and her, in our Classica fragrance, that nourish the body and mind, and turn small everyday moments into a unique sensory experience.

The call of the sea is always alive and is part of your ritual from the first step with the Classica Bath and Shower Gel, available in two versions, a scent for men and for women. It awakes the senses by emulating contact with the waves of the sea, thanks to a lightweight, invigorating texture that gently cleanses the skin, leaving a fresh and scented trace.

The ritual continues with another precious wellness product in the Classica Bath Line: the Moisturising Body Cream. This delicate emulsion, which comes in marine notes for him, and floral notes for her, is a concrete tool to strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, helping to protect it from external agents. Its fluid, lightweight formula moisturises the skin and keeps it supple, fragrant and with a persistent sensation of softness. The best invitation you can get to rediscover the pleasure of self-care!

A candlelit bath, the culmination of the ritual

It cannot be a true ritual unless it is accompanied by the right atmosphere. This is how an apparently easy step, such as lighting a candle, can become the magic touch that elevates an everyday moment to a meditative experience. The Sea Scented Candle, available in 3 different sizes, completes this renewal experience, infusing calm and relaxation with its light and scent. It is a plea to slow down and fully immerse yourself in the here and now, through the intense notes of lemon and rosemary that embrace marine memories: sea lily, seaweed, cistus and Mediterranean scrub woods.

Wellness starts with small steps and, with the Classica Bath Line, nourishing your body and mind is always a pleasure, accompanied by the purity and energy of the sea.


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