Blu, the intensity of the sea in an Eau de Parfum

Blu, the intensity of the sea in an Eau de Parfum

Blu, the intensity of the sea in an Eau de Parfum

While we are in the midst of a calm January, a flicker of colour emerges from the waves, reminding us of its vivacity: this is the Blu Eau de Parfum, inspired by the depth of the sea and its majestic nature. In every drop, time seems to stand still and beauty is revealed in all its forms, reawakening dormant sensations with its playful aromas.

In the scent structure of Blu, January gains a new voice and rediscovers an indissoluble bond with the element of water. The strength of the sea, the secrets lying beneath the surface, and the voice of the waves that invite us to explore: the Blu Eau de Parfum, available both for men and women, is a vibrant essence of freedom, a time to rediscover new energy and live every day fully, immersed in a sea of sensations.

A Rhapsody in Blu, for him and for her

The men’s version of Blu is a bold statement. Its citrus notes combine with the subtle aroma of jasmine and the vividness of sea lily, cistus and myrtle, echoes of the sea and reminders of the  Mediterranean scrub. The story of adventures waiting to be experienced is entrusted to the warmth of cedar wood and mastic, while the deep vibration of the oak musk leaves a charismatic and seductive reminder on your skin.

The female version of Blu is a whisper of sensuality during this silent and contemplative winter, in which fig and jasmine take the lead, intertwining their sinuous steps with energetic helichrysum and mandarin, along with the fresh notes of cistus and sea lily, and warmer and enveloping blends of sea camomile and fig, cedar and juniper woods. Blu is our invitation to be reborn, to dream of a regenerating walk on the beach, surrounded by a sea of beauty, to rediscover vibrations of colour even on the coldest and greyest days.

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