With the right fragrance, the year gets off to the best start

With the right fragrance, the year gets off to the best start

With the right fragrance, the year gets off to the best start

What is the scent of the year that has just begun? Does it still have the scent of tinkling glasses raised in toasts and beautifully laid out tables, or does it have the intense undertones of new paths to tread? Whatever the trend, there is always the perfect fragrance in our collection of room diffusers to highlight every moment with its olfactory notes and accompany you in this new beginning.

For us, too, January is a month of ambivalent character. On the one hand, memories of the festivities that have just passed continue to cross our minds and warm our hearts, with a trickle of nostalgia; on the other hand, the good intentions for the New Year, the destinations to be reached, the trips to be planned give us new impetus and great energy. And you, do you still smell the Christmas festivities or are you already projected towards new horizons?

If you love Christmas and its magic, and you would like to carry it with you for a little while longer, the “Note di Natale” line will amaze you with its extraordinary evocative power. Room diffusers, candles and spray air fresheners with characteristic spicy notes bring Christmas into the home every day of the year, wrapped in a cloud of citrus and flowers, with touches of honey, cinnamon, walnut and Mediterranean scrub. If, on the other hand, you already wish you were on a sunny beach, we take you to the seashore with a selection of room diffusers with fresh, marine notes.

Marine room diffusers, fragrances that bring the sea into the home

Mare”, “Isola d’Elba” and “Brezza di Mare” are the fragrances that make up the marine olfactory family, a tribute to our precious sea, to the beaches, to the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, and to the colourful beauty of the Mediterranean islands. Each olfactory line is expressed in a collection of room diffusers, scented candles and room sprays to bring the sea into every environment. 

“Mare” is a fresh and balanced chord, in which the notes of lemon blend with rosemary, and the delicacy of sea lily meets the characteristic nuances of seaweed, rock rose and Mediterranean scrub. For a more intense experience, the “Isola d’Elba” line and its characteristic citrus scent with gentle hints of salt, aquatic moss and seaweed, the aromatic touch of myrtle dancing with notes of cedar, strawberry tree and mastic woods. Finally, the soft caress of “Brezza di Mare”, in which the sweet notes of sea chamomile, the more sparkling notes of seaweed, lemon and Mediterranean scrub, and the heady purity of jasmine blend together.

Travel with the imagination, follow trails that reach deserted beaches, breathe in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub: to give shape to your desires, all you need to do is dive into the thousands of nuances of an olfactory family as evocative as the marine one, among room diffusers, scented candles and room sprays.

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