The scents of Monte Capanne, summits of unspoiled beauty

The scents of Monte Capanne, summits of unspoiled beauty

The scents of Monte Capanne, summits of unspoiled beauty

There, where the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea blends with the cerulean shades of the Elban sky, rises Monte Capanne, a natural sanctuary, wild and unspoiled. There are numerous paths one can take to reach its summit, from the top of which the gaze can wander freely towards the other pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, even up to Corsica in the distance. A place close to the heart for us at Acqua dell’Elba, which with its spectacular views has inspired the scent line that bears its name.

The “Monte Capanne” collection plays a strong and intense chord, just like the rocky giant overlooking the infinite blue of the sea. The delicate scents of cornflower, honeysuckle, violet and orchid encounter the balsamic notes of juniper and the woody notes of chestnut and yew. An ode to the woods, to the luxuriant native flora, to the solemnity of the highest peak on the Island of Elba which, with its 1019 meters, offers an exceptional view of distant horizons.

The Monte Capanne Collection

It is in the romantic flame of a scented candle, in the enveloping cloud released by a touch of deo-spray, in the tireless flow released into the air by the room diffuser that we travel with the imagination towards the hidden paths of Monte Capanne. Higher and higher, towards the summit, the scent of the sea mixes with the breath of the woods and the dance of nature reveals itself in all its beauty. At home, the majesty of this great little corner of the world floods the room with the fragrance inspired by it, transforming it into a painting with marked green and blue brushstrokes, like the vegetation that rises on the slopes overlooking our sea.

This is the hidden power of the “Monte Capanne” collection, an olfactory journey through blooms in the Mediterranean scrub and paths carved into the granite rock, shaped by time and wind. Open the door to a breath of pure air and the vital energy of the sea, entrust the narration to silent guardians of this olfactory harmony: the room sprays, scented candles, room diffusers of the Monte Capanne line take you where the beauty of nature and serenity reign supreme.

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