Presents that tell stories: our gift ideas for Christmas

Presents that tell stories: our gift ideas for Christmas

Presents that tell stories: our gift ideas for Christmas

Can you feel this warm atmosphere too? The air is surrounded by a unique charm, a spark that lights up in our hearts and brings smiles full of profound meanings. It's the time for gifts that have been lovingly planned and selected, messengers of our deepest feelings.

And here too, among essences inspired by the sea and gift ideas enclosed in sophisticated boxes, we are completely immersed in this season of joy and celebration, in the much-anticipated countdown Christmas. We explore fragrances and let ourselves be carried away to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, along the jagged coasts and through the paths that cross the Mediterranean scrub, to dive with you into a sea of beauty, in search of the perfect gift idea. A gift that will create a precious moment, to be carefully preserved deep in your heart; a gift that will be able to shorten distances and weave invisible threads with its evocative power, one that embodies our message of love, care and consideration, and will whisper it in the ear of those who receive it. Because every gift is much more than an object to us: it is an experience to be shared with those you love. For this reason, we have created a selection of gift ideas that evoke beauty and passion, and we have combined it with the freedom to personalise each one.

A personal touch for unforgettable gift ideas

Christmas is all about elegance, warmth and affectionate attention to detail, making each gift a unique experience. As well as a selection of gift ideas created by us to convey your message of love, you can make your own Christmas package by choosing from all the products in our catalogue: the gift boxes, available in four different sizes to adapt to every need, are waiting for you to unleash your imagination, to tell someone in a special way that you're thinking of them.

The Eaux de Parfum, diffusers, candles, ceramics, fabrics, room sprays and bath products, with an unmistakable aroma of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, will take your loved ones on a sensory journey. Every detail is designed to make your gift unforgettable: from the gift box that will shine under your tree with its refined Acqua dell’Elba green colour, to the option of engraving the bottle of your favourite essence with a short message, and greeting cards handwritten by our artisans and sealed with wax. It is a gift that will stay in your heart and memory, for a Christmas full of love.

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