Wedding line, we celebrate love in all its forms

Wedding line, we celebrate love in all its forms

Wedding line, we celebrate love in all its forms

A wedding is a magical moment, suspended between dream and reality. A big step that deserves precious details, from the location design to the gifts for the guests, and this is precisely the goal of the Wedding Acqua dell’Elba line, an elegant proposal which is attentive to every event making it perfect down to every single detail and which turns out to be the ideal choice to contribute to the beauty of your big day.

The Wedding collection is a sensory experience which goes beyond the notion of the classic cadeaux de mariage and is the symbol of the couple’s union, of a harmonious and melodious agreement in its composition. Classic, intimate or lavish, the atmosphere of the big day will narrate the personal stories and passions with the precious support of Acqua dell’Elba. Each product in the Wedding collection can become a gift, an eloquent and special symbol to be personalised to taste with names, initials, the wedding date or words of love.

Favour boxes in the classic Acqua dell’Elba green or traditional white, home fragrances, chalks, scented ceramics and candles, perfumes: with the Wedding collection, finding the perfect idea to welcome guests and gift them with a tangible keepsake of your union is very simple, choosing from small and big details imagined to add a touch of magic to a special day.

Small, precious details for a Big day

The selection of the perfect union, of the fragrance that will accompany the bride and groom on their path, becomes a moment of sharing and discovery, the chemistry of the couple to be experienced also by the guests of the banquet with elegant, scented design accents.

The details are in the soul of a successful event, and it is not just in the outline, but rather in a frame made of many small, very important elements, engaging all the aspects of a ceremony as in a mosaic of balanced and harmonious nuances: the spaces to be adorned, the gifts for the guests and for the wedding party... A need to which Acqua dell’Elba responds with a collection of products created specifically for the Wedding line and that can be combined with the classics from the entire catalogue, to personalise for the big day. Intimate and elegant compositions narrating with a fragrant symphony a long, love story, yours.

To ensure attention to every detail, an Acqua dell’Elba consultant is available to the bride and groom, offering precious advice and ideas, and in close collaboration with the wedding planner to make every wedding a masterpiece of sensations.

If every perfume has a story to tell, where memories and sensations are echoed, presenting it with love to those participating in your union will make it a precious and eloquent symbol of an eternal bond. This is the mission of the Wedding line, where love is celebrated in all its forms and it is transformed in a sensory journey, an experience which touches the heart with the right combination of tradition and innovation.

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