“Preziosa” for men, a fragrance for every occasion

“Preziosa” for men, a fragrance for every occasion

“Preziosa” for men, a fragrance for every occasion

A special event, a working lunch with colleagues, or a energising boost to start the day... there are many occasions to dress your skin with the right perfume, to be different every time, and perfect every time. The “Preziosa” men's gift box is an anthology of miniature scents, capable of evoking different and compelling stories to those who are constantly in search of new emotions. Because, if every personality is reflected in an aroma that resonates with its own essence, it is also true that a fragrance can interpret a fluid, changing, and unique moment.

“Preziosa” is a treasure chest of masculine Eau de Parfum, a set for men to be gifted or to treat themselves, capable of expressing the multi-faceted personality of the self, that colours every moment and makes it different. There are five miniature men's perfumes that have been carefully selected to draw an aromatic portrait with a thousand faces, to be chosen and worn on any occasion.

The five aromatic chapters in the “Preziosa” men's gift box

The Classic Eau de Parfum is the fresh everyday fragrance, in which the floral notes of mandarin, lemon and rosemary are combined with the woody tones of moss and Mediterranean scrub, always leaving room for a salty hint of marine algae

For a more aromatic and distinctive touch, Arcipelago is the perfume that enhances the liveliness of a balanced scent with its nuances of sage, pepper and rosemary, in which flowers and woods come in succession, having been also selected for the "Preziosa" men's gift box

Those who choose the Eau de Parfum Blu are dressed in sensuality and freshness, pampered with an aroma that accompanies a special occasion with the unmistakable echoes of marine elements provided by the cistus and the sea lily, which vibrate in unison with citrus fruits, woods and musk.

And then there is Altrove, inspired by Montecristo Island and its mysterious charm, evoking a journey towards distant horizons with its notes of incense and nuances of woods and resins, which again comes in the mini 15 ml size.

Lastly, a unisex perfume dedicated to bold personalities, the Eau de Parfum Sport is perfect for accompanying training with an energizing and dynamic boost.


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