Essenza di un'Isola, beyond the visible horizon

Essenza di un'Isola, beyond the visible horizon

Essenza di un'Isola, beyond the visible horizon

An island is a fragment of land surrounded by the sea, a concept that transcends its geographical borders and approaches philosophy, becoming a place for the soul, a refuge. And if each island has its own essence, an impalpable aura that makes it unique, the "Essenza di un'Isola" line reflects Acqua dell'Elba's desire to capture this, translating it into fragrances that portray its soul,  or even its souls.

An island has multiple nuances, just like the products that make up this collection, which invites you to pause, to regain authentic contact with your deepest self, to rediscover the beauty of small things, and to connect with your own island. The collection is unique, just like our own essence.

Eau de Parfum for him, for her, and for everyone

A bouquet of sensory emotions that transcends the visible and contemplates the true substance, immutable and permanent, that is inherent in all things: the “Essenza di un’Isola” collection speaks to everyone's soul, to entice it with aromatic scents that adapt to everyone. Starting from "Acqua", the unisex Eau de Parfum that unites the feminine and masculine universes in a single enveloping citrus blend with delicate hints of salt; a fresh and persistent caress, which arises from the combination of cedar, aquatic musk and myrtle berries.

The search for the essence then separates into two distinct aromatic paths, which take on floral and citrus forms in the "Smeraldo" Eau de Parfum for women, while the masculine scent "Altrove" features woody notes, mixed with a substrate of resins of the Mediterranean scrub, incense and strawberry tree berries.

Beauty products, for a collection with a scent of infinity

Keepers of a memory that lasts over time, the three scents also come in the form of moisturising body creams. These fluid and lightweight emulsions pamper your skin with the characteristic aromatic notes of the Eau de Parfum, giving it hydration and elasticity. The same trilogy of fragrances can also be found in deodorants and bath and shower gels, which are pleasantly scented with the aromatic blends of "Acqua", "Smeraldo" and "Altrove", essences which are inspired by the Island of Elba, the Island of Pianosa and the Island of Montecristo respectively.

The "Essenza di un'Isola" collection also focuses on skin care and beauty and offers a body cream containing hyaluronic acid with a rich and silky formulation, designed in detail to strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier. A beauty product that gently scents your skin with the "Acqua" and "Smeraldo" fragrances. The collection also includes the “Altrove” aftershave cream with vitamin E, a lightweight, hydrating and soothing formula, encapsulating an aesthetic and ecstatic experience in the essence of an island.

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