Brezza di Mare: the room diffuser for a never-ending summer sea breeze

Brezza di Mare: the room diffuser for a never-ending summer sea breeze

Brezza di Mare: the room diffuser for a never-ending summer sea breeze

While the bright summer days are drawing to a close, a scent appears and intertwines to evoke the beauty of the new arrival of September. The sea is our muse, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, with its meandering, fresh and unmistakable notes, in a room diffuser with an evocative spirit, to carefully preserve the memory of a blue-coloured summer and bring it back to mind whenever the sea is calling us.

Brezza di Mare”, Italian for “Sea Breeze” could not be a better choice of name for this fragrant breath that brings with it the Mediterranean and the wonders that have inspired poets, artists and dreamers, forcefully evoking its essence to make it live on even once summer holidays are a distant memory. The delicacy of sea chamomile, the vibrant energy of seaweed, the pungent freshness of lemon, the ethereal elegance of jasmine and the enveloping intensity of Mediterranean scrub: a mosaic of emotional sensations, with emphasis placed on the purest ingredients.

“Brezza di Mare”, the sea breeze comes to the city

There is nothing quite like a fragrance to delve into your deepest self and bring out memories and sensations, with aromatic blends capable of instinctively recalling the blue of the crystal-clear waters and the refreshing breeze that brings magic to a walk along the shore. These atmospheres are concentrated into aromas that bring the sea breeze into the city, as the "Brezza di Mare" room diffuser is capable of doing. Its pyramid of perfectly balanced aromas diffuses through the air and transforms summer into a treat for the senses, an invitation to close your eyes and listen to its voice once again, wherever you are.

Enclosed in an elegant box, you will find essences that intertwine, and memories that resurface: all the enchantment of the summer sea. To make these sensations unforgettable, we have developed the "Brezza di Mare" room diffuser in three sizes, which join the room deo and the fragrance for fabrics, portraits of the sun and the sea for a never-ending summer.

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