The Notte d'Estate room diffuser, a peaceful rhapsody in blue

The Notte d'Estate room diffuser, a peaceful rhapsody in blue

The Notte d'Estate room diffuser, a peaceful rhapsody in blue

Night falls and with it there is silence. Light is the air that filters through a half-open window, bringing with it scents of the sea that gracefully accentuate the fragrance of Notte d'Estate, the room diffuser that evokes cool evenings on a magical island. Outside, the party carries on for some, and in the distance the clinking of glasses can be heard as they are raised to toast to an intense and eventful summer, like a wine uncorked with life-long friends to celebrate the start of the holidays.

Inside, thoughts float by and capture the beauty of the day that has just passed, with sunny beaches and dives into clear waters, guarded by lush and colourful nature; a seraphic and beneficial stillness, which joins with the marine notes of the Notte d'Estate room diffuser to secure a place in your heart.

Marine aromas and notes of freshness, the call of summer nights

A bottle as blue as the night contains a fragrance with a fresh and aromatic blend, in which notes of aquatic musk and sea cistus play with the sweet sensuality of orange, while the penetrating scents of thyme and rosemary emerge, with an unmistakable essence of sage, then the woody freshness of juniper, mastic and chestnut. Stillness and intimacy are at home here, a sweet refuge for a fragrance that awakens memories both near and far, and tempts the senses with its mysterious aura.

The Notte d'Estate room diffuser is available in various sizes, from the largest 2500 ml and 1000 ml, for an endless summer dream, to the smallest 500 ml and 200 ml, for those who like to fill their home with constantly different aromatic notes.

Light as the breeze on summer nights, and lingering as the images of an unforgettable holiday: these are the characteristics of a perfume hand-made by artisans capable of creating a fragrant mosaic with a seductive and mysterious spirit, just like the night.

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