Acqua, the Eau de Parfum with an eclectic soul

Acqua, the Eau de Parfum with an eclectic soul

Acqua, the Eau de Parfum with an eclectic soul

It is in the power that flows in the earth, in every wave that breaks on the shore, in the secrets guarded by a small beach hidden in the rocks that the Acqua Eau de Parfum is born, a fragrance inspired by nature and its primordial elements. An ode to purity that transcends the boundaries of the visible and weaves a unique and unisex embroidery of scent, perfect on his skin, and extraordinary on hers.

Herein lies the magic enclosed in the notes of Acqua, a perfume with an eclectic and versatile soul, which moulds and shapes itself without sacrificing its deepest essence, just  like water itself, which is said to possess the same shape as love: fluid and powerful like the noblest of feelings, it transforms and adapts to whoever welcomes it. A parallelism that finds expression in the Acqua Eau de Parfum and in its seductive olfactory dance, celebrating the union between man and woman and transforming it into a multifaceted essence.

Waves of purity and seduction enclosed in a multifaceted perfume… just like water

An intimate and hidden space, where time is suspended and the cadenced rhythm of the waves lulls your thoughts. In the distance, the horizon paints a love story depicting the infinite embrace between sky and sea. This is the image enclosed in every drop of Acqua Eau de Parfum, which is evoked with every breath.

The vitality of the sea breeze and the freshly picked citrus fruits emerge in the first top notes, which then give way to an aromatic bouquet of myrtle, red algae and jasmine, in a sinuous flow of spicy notes and wild flowers. The olfactory epilogue comes together with powerful cedar wood and the deep vibration of aquatic musk, which give complexity to the fragrance with their bold essence. The result is a perfume with a fluid and versatile structure, which envelops his and her skin in a lingering scented cloud.


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