The Mare Room Diffuser, a window facing the Mediterranean

The Mare Room Diffuser, a window facing the Mediterranean

The Mare Room Diffuser, a window facing the Mediterranean

As if by magic, the call of authentic islands spreads through the air, at times wild and imperturbable, yet so welcoming and alive: it is the untamed energy of the Mare room diffuser, with an enveloping bouquet that is constantly at your side.

Evoking the thousand nuances of these islands is a challenge that has always fascinated us; it is as complex as their aromas and the succession of landscapes that we want to give back to those who care for them.

In the lively spirit of the Mare room diffuser there is a breeze that laps the jagged coasts that flow into crystal clear waters, where the marine flora and fauna reign supreme. There is the beauty of sun-kissed beaches and the vibrant energy of a swim at dawn, the fresh call of a hidden cove and the salty scent that accompanies the sunset. It is a harmony of emotions that weaves a sea-coloured tapestry in the air, bringing the island to life and spreading through the rooms, recalling the echo of the waves.

Mare is the strength of the sea enclosed in a fragrance

A fresh and light scent, where notes of lemon, rosemary and sea lily blend with hints of salty algae and cistus, which flutter gracefully with the woods of the Mediterranean scrub. The Mare room diffuser is enveloping and bold, yet so gentle, revealing the paths unravelling along the Mediterranean maquis, with its small shrubs and colourful flowers, and evoking the wind that billows the sails on the sea.

It is an invitation to go beyond borders, to dive into a sea of inebriating scents, just like the call of these islands with a wild heart, pulsating with life and beauty.

The diffuser is available in four sizes, to meet the needs of anyone wishing to bring into their home the echo of islands that breathe age-old stories, traced in the furrows of the rock and in the reflections of the sea.

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