Eau de Parfum Blu, an ode to beauty and sensuality

Eau de Parfum Blu, an ode to beauty and sensuality

Eau de Parfum Blu, an ode to beauty and sensuality

The Eau de Parfum Blu is a mix of aromas that echoes the vivid scent of the Island of Elba, the safe haven in our endless journey through essences. Like a sailing ship facing the open sea, we have charted a bold course, finding the beauty inherent in the little things, in the hidden details, and in the sounds whispered by the waves. In this journey of exploration, guided by love for a land full of stories, we have collected every nuance to transform it into a fresh and sensual scent, for him and for her.

Blu is a return to the origins, it is an encounter with the purest essence of the island that evokes intense and engaging stories, to be worn every time you wish to set out a journey in search of the untamed spirit of our land.

Authentic tales written on the skin, for him and for her

The female version of the Eau de Parfum Blu evokes the magic of summer nights on the island, caressed by a gentle Mistral breeze that spreads the sweet and succulent aromas of figs in the air, and fresher notes of mandarin, along with the powdery balance of jasmine, the saline notes of cistus, the hints of lily and sea chamomile, and kaleidoscopic helichrysum, to finally gather elegant nuances in the woods of fig, cedar and juniper. The result is a complex and persistent liquid story, with a scent of adventure and freedom.

The masculine version, however, is elegant with a powerful freshness. Eau de Parfum Blu pour homme seduces with a vibrant and bold mix of citrus fruits, accompanied by sea lily, a long-standing inhabitant of the wildest coasts, with myrtle and sea cistus weaving an olfactory portrait of unexplored places. Ever present in the background, the delicate aroma of jasmine embraces oak moss, cedar wood and mastic, leaving a charismatic and seductive poem on your skin.

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