#Cosedamare, the splendour of summer enclosed in a gift box

#Cosedamare, the splendour of summer enclosed in a gift box

#Cosedamare, the splendour of summer enclosed in a gift box

The sea is delivering us a message, but this time not in a bottle carried by the waves. Its voice comes from within a beauty and wellbeing gift box, to be filled with your imagination.
#Cosedamare is a personal ode to the Island of Elba, a box to be filled with the Acqua dell'Elba products you love most, to carry the colours and scents of our land wherever you go.

Each element enclosed inside is a fragment of the wonder of this enchanting island, with its turquoise waters and sunny beaches, the Mediterranean scrub and its intense aromas, carried away by the sea breeze.

To compose your amazing gift box and preserve the very essence of the sea, let yourself be guided by the most vivid and exciting memories, or choose on the portrait of the island that we have created for you in this selection.

#COSEDAMARE, our postcard from Elba

A portrait of this pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea that tantalises the minds of travellers in search of lasting memories: this is what we wanted to enclose in our summer 2023 collection, a set to experience the most beautiful moments of the season on our splendid island and recall them whenever you wish.

  1. Scrub Exfoliant Body with the Classica fragrance: to give new life to the skin and prepare it for summer beauty.
  2. Solar Care Body Lotion SPF 30: a touch of soft protection on the skin, with a concentrate of marine active ingredients, algae and precious coral powder, to enjoy the sun in complete tranquillity.
  3. Aftersun Lotion - Face and Body: a beauty ritual to end your day enveloped in the freshness of the sea and the scents of the Island of Elba.
  4. Eau de Parfum Classica 100 ml: our most iconic perfume, a blend of orange blossom, myrtle, gardenia and jasmine that combines the freshness of marine cistus with the woody notes of the Mediterranean scrub.

Create your customised gift box and keep the memories of a timeless summer in the classic Acqua dell'Elba green packaging. The #Cosedamare gift box will be with you on your endless journey of beauty and wellbeing.




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