Artisan Perfumer, the art of creating unique olfactory sculptures

Artisan Perfumer, the art of creating unique olfactory sculptures

Artisan Perfumer, the art of creating unique olfactory sculptures

Since ancient times, artisan perfumers have enchanted and seduced lovers of essences and spices by creating olfactory sculptures that encapsulate emotions, memories and fragments of the world. It is not merely a craft, but a precious art, spreading its knowledge through the air with an invisible but unforgettable touch. Each perfume tells a unique story in which the olfactory notes unfurl on a pentagram to create a symphony that tickles the senses and awakens dormant memories.

Anyone will be able to discover and learn this great, evocative skill, thanks to the “Artisan Perfumer for a day” initiative: this year, the Marciana Marina laboratories are once again opening their doors to lovers of the sea and its fragrances to enjoy the unique experience of handcrafting the Men’s Classic Eau de Parfum, Acqua dell’Elba’s first iconic perfume.

Become an Artisan Perfumer for a day

Being an artisan perfumer not only means having an innate talent for fragrances: it requires care, patience and a deep knowledge of ingredients, as well as the ability to follow your intuition. For a day, the magical world of essences is unveiled and narrated in its every nuance, allowing those who – out of curiosity or passion – wish to enter it to grasp its innermost secrets. Each drop will be a tangible step on this exciting journey through aromas. The final destination is an intoxicating treasure that you can enjoy or give to someone you love: the Men’s Classic Eau de Parfum. Guided by the Acqua dell’Elba artisans, each participant will have the opportunity to bottle, box and label the iconic men’s fragrance to take with them on new adventures. The experience, including the personally packaged Eau de Parfum, costs 84 euro.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience, stepping into an artisan perfumer’s shoes for a day and immerse yourself in the magic and creativity of the workshop on Via Aldo Moro in Marciana Marina: book your appointment from the various dates shown in the calendar below.

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