Same packaging, new formulation: the new 95% natural bath and body lines

Same packaging, new formulation: the new 95% natural bath and body lines

Same packaging, new formulation: the new 95% natural bath and body lines

Twenty-three years have passed since the bright May morning when Acqua dell’Elba – a family business founded by Fabio Murzi, Chiara Murzi and Marco Turoni – set sail with an eloquent goal: to encapsulate the essence of the sea in a bottle.


 The wind swelled the sails of the project, transforming it, in 2021, into a Benefit Corporation, thereby confirming the positive impact of Acqua dell’Elba on the local community,  capable of uniting society and the environment in the name of sustainability.


Today, the Acqua dell’Elba ship has completed a new challenge, reformulating the entire bath and body line – which has become 95% natural –, while keeping the packaging unchanged, in order to maximise its products’ sustainability, as well as their effectiveness and sensory appeal.


Navigating this goal means caring for people and the environment with high-quality, low-impact, high-performance products that make the skin moisturised, radiant and soft. The natural ingredients, and the heady scents of the island’s fragrances, bring stories and traditions to the skin that have been handed down over time, in which the essence of the sea is revealed in all its forms.


The company’s mission, which has always translated into a multitude of projects on a local and national level, is now also strengthened in the new 95% natural beauty formulas, confirming its daily commitments to governance, environmental impact, welfare and the search for added value for the Island and all seaside locations, demonstrating Acqua dell’Elba’s dedication to a sustainable future for the environment and the community.



 From all Acqua dell’Elba’s body products, now with a new, more natural formulation, the following is a selection of body products from the Classica line:


Moisturising Body Cream - Classica for Men


Perfumed moisturising emulsion with a fluid formula. Helps to reinforce the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier, aiding protection from external agents.


Moisturising Body Cream - Classica for Women


Perfumes the skin, scenting it with the delicate notes of the respective fragrance, increasing its duration. Moisturises the skin and keeps it elastic. Quickly absorbs.


200 ml size, €30.00


Shampoo Shower Gel - Classica for Men


Cleanses body and hair, leaving them pleasantly scented. After use, the skin is soft and the hair is silky and shiny. Respects the natural pH of the skin.


200 ml size, €23.00


Bath Shower Gel - Classic for Women


Cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and pleasantly scented, while respecting its natural pH.


200 ml size, €23.00





About Acqua dell’Elba


Acqua dell’Elba - Società Benefit - is a family business founded in 2000 by Fabio Murzi, Chiara Murzi and Marco Turoni, who wished to encapsulate the essence of the Elba sea in a bottle.


Acqua dell’Elba’s mission is to create fragrances inspired by the beauty of the sea that satisfy people’s idea of well-being, while promoting a sustainable growth model. Headquartered in Marciana Marina on the Island of Elba, the company is present on the market with 31 single-brand shops in Italy and abroad, as well as through a distribution network of 1,000 perfume shops located throughout Italy and internationally.


Acqua dell’Elba uses high-quality raw materials inspired by the sea and the Island of Elba, relying on drawing on artisanal qualities to create unique, evocative products. The company boasts 7 perfume lines and 13 room fragrances, plus products for people, the home, textiles and accessories.

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