Mother’s Day ideas: give an Acqua dell’Elba modular box as a present

Mother’s Day ideas: give an Acqua dell’Elba modular box as a present

Mother’s Day ideas: give an Acqua dell’Elba modular box as a present

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. To create a special and customised gift, you can count on the uniqueness of the Acqua dell’Elba Modular Box, within which you can insert perfumes and body products from your loved one’s favourite line.

Don’t hesitate to surprise your mother with this special gift, which is sure to make her feel appreciated and loved.


Why give an Acqua dell’Elba fragrance?

On the enchanting island of Elba, amidst the green hills and the crystal-clear sea, there is a hidden treasure: Acqua dell’Elba. Here, master perfume makers create handcrafted products, using the finest ingredients, to give us a unique sensory experience in harmony with the surrounding nature.


There is no more suitable gift for Mother’s Day than a modular box from Acqua dell’Elba that allows you to choose from a wide range of products created with care and passion to ensure maximum well-being. Each box can be made with a selection of products inspired by the beauty of Elba’s nature.


Giving an Acqua dell’Elba modular box means gifting an experience in harmony with nature and ourselves. It means rediscovering the beauty of small daily gestures and devoting time to self-care.

How to create the Acqua dell’Elba modular box

To create a modular Acqua dell’Elba box, you can choose from four different formats, all equally elegant thanks to the Acqua dell’Elba green packaging

  • box with 2 products
  • box with 3 products
  • box with 4 products
  • box with 5 products


Purchasing a modular box allows you to enclose all the poetry of the sea in a precious artefact, designed for those who wish to gift simplicity, transparency, and beauty.


To ensure the best possible match, we suggest starting with a perfume with olfactory properties that have something in common with the personality of the mother who will receive it.

Additionally, a moisturising body cream can be added to prolong the enveloping effect of the chosen fragrance even after showering with the corresponding shower gel. For example, the Classica line allows you to pack a box with Eau de Parfum, Exfoliating Scrub, and Hyaluronic Acid Body Cream to ensure deep hydration and a Moisturising Body Cream for everyday use. If you prefer gentler fragrances, you can replace the Eau de Parfum with Eau de Toilette, featuring the same scents, but more delicate.


Finally, it is worth remembering that the most beautiful gifts are those that are personalised: in addition to composing the Gift Box, you can also deliver a unique message of love inside the precious Acqua dell’Elba green box, making the gift even more special.




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