Acqua dell’Elba diffusers, a precious object that is good for the environment

Acqua dell’Elba diffusers, a precious object that is good for the environment

Acqua dell’Elba diffusers, a precious object that is good for the environment

Acqua dell’Elba diffusers are a treasure chest containing the essence of the sea and the Mediterranean.

Buying one of our diffusers allows you to release the freshness of the sea into your home and, once the contents have been used up, to make an environmentally friendly choice by choosing refills.

The micro-universe of Acqua dell’Elba room diffusers

Acqua dell’Elba room diffusers have become an essential element for many homes, offices and other spaces where you want to relive the feeling of sitting on a terrace by the sea. To this end, we have created different lines of room fragrances to choose from:

  • Marine diffusers: Sea, Sea Breeze, Elba Island, Costa del Sole, Summer Night and Azimut are the six room fragrance lines that are inspired by the most authentic marine scents.
  • Floral diffusers: ideal for those who prefer to bring the scent of the flowering hills of a Mediterranean island into their environment. The floral room diffusers include three different alternatives: Flowers, Sea Daffodil, and Scents of Mount Capanne.
  • Citrusy perfumers: the Island of Elba is also a place where virtually untouched Mediterranean nature grows, characterised by citrus fruits that refresh summer evenings. Lovers of citrus notes, with hints of lemon, as well as leafy greens and cedar wood can choose between House of Mandarins, Andrew’s Lemon House and Orange Garden.
  • Spicy diffusers: Elba Island’s unique location means that it is lulled by the currents and scents of the neighbouring islands. Montecristo Island is the ultimate spicy room diffuser, with notes of juniper, cypress and iris that give way to hints of leather and tobacco, wood and resin of the Mediterranean scrub, hints of incense and arbutus berries.

Refills for diffusers, an uncompromising choice for the environment

April is the month of spring, the time of year when the Earth wakes from its winter slumber and vegetation blooms luxuriantly on our island. It is also the month in which Earth Day is celebrated, an anniversary that is particularly dear to those who, like us at Acqua dell’Elba, strive every day to enhance the environment that is our home and inspires us every day.


It is therefore an opportunity to recall how, every day of the year and not just 22 April, all those who have purchased an Acqua dell’Elba room diffuser whose contents have run out, can use it by choosing diffuser refills.


By purchasing room fragrance refills, either in shops or online, you can continue to enjoy the fragrance you love, while making your own contribution to nature.

Visit us in our shops, we are waiting for you

If you would like to buy a refill for the Acqua dell’Elba room diffuser, we are waiting for you in our shops or on the online store. These products are available in different sizes – 500 ml, 1000 ml and 2500 ml – so you will not run out of the scent of the sea and all the facets of nature on the island, while also making an environmentally conscious choice.



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