Costa del Sole, the room fragrance dispenser that brings spring into the home

Costa del Sole, the room fragrance dispenser that brings spring into the home

Costa del Sole, the room fragrance dispenser that brings spring into the home

Spring is here: the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and Nature is awakening after the winter break. If you want to bring this season’s scents and energy into your home, Acqua dell’Elba’s Costa del Sole fragrance dispenser is the perfect solution.

Welcome Spring, Welcome Costa del Sole

What if you were told that you could be embraced by the scents you smell as you ascend the gentle slopes of a flowery path overlooking the sea, right from your living room? Costa del Sole is the fragrance dispenser for rooms that can flood a space with a bouquet of fragrances that characterize the Island of Elba in the springtime.


The sensory notes encapsulated in Acqua dell’Elba’s room fragrance dispenser are a tasteful mix of myrtle, rosemary, mastic, sea cistus, limonium, and prickly pear. This is complemented by a fresh base that characterizes all the fragrances and is reminiscent of the scent of the sea that wafts through our island.


Costa del Sole fills your home with the wild, yet sincere and elegant nature of the Elban landscape and its spring climate made of apparent contrasts that harmonize into a sweet promise of the summer to come.


A room fragrance dispenser that evokes light and spring freshness

Costa del Sole is a room fragrance dispenser that comes in an elegant container that can add a touch of style and sophistication to the space where it is placed. The fragrance’s golden colour immediately brings a breath of cheerfulness to the room.


After all, this shade is precisely that of the spring daybreak and the sun beginning to warm the gentle Elban slopes and accompanying the still slumbering nature toward a new season of blooms. We have encapsulated the bright sunshine warmth of April and May in Costa del Sole to bring the magical atmosphere, laden with floral scents and hints of Mediterranean scrub to your home.


As soon as this fragrance dispenser is opened it will release all its marine power, inducing the feeling of wonder that you experience before the Elban Sea.


The enchantment of the Elban landscape with Acqua dell’Elba

Costa del Sole is available on the Acqua dell’Elba website and at all official retailers in different sizes of 200 ml, 500 ml and 2500 ml, equipped with sticks to diffuse the fragrance in a balanced, yet striking way. It is enclosed in an elegant container that allows the room fragrance dispenser to be displayed, lending the room a touch of elegant sophistication.


It is the ideal gift for those who wish to celebrate and welcome spring with a smile and the feeling of marine freshness throughout the home. Essential oils of myrtle, rosemary, mastic tree, sea cistus, Elba limonium and prickly pear will make the space pleasantly inviting and welcoming, from the first breath. 

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