Room diffusers and scents, a fragrance to create the right identity for your home

Room diffusers and scents, a fragrance to create the right identity for your home

Room diffusers and scents, a fragrance to create the right identity for your home

As soon as you cross the threshold of a new room, your first impressions are immediately influenced by the scent you perceive. If a pleasant sensation reaches your nose, the place automatically acquires positive connotations; when it is unpleasant, the room is unconsciously judged in a negative light. This is why it is important to use scents or room diffusers within the home, so that its identity can be clearly and decisively expressed and it becomes even cosier and more comfortable.

Why use room diffusers?

One of the main reasons why room fragrance diffusers should be used in every home is that they emit pleasant aroma that can influence the mood of its inhabitants. It is well known that certain fragrances can elicit specific moods: for example, citrus fragrances make the air crisper and the mood livelier, while floral fragrances can stimulate calm and relaxation.


Commercially available room diffusers are no longer considered simple scenters, but have become design objects. These furnishings of various shapes and sizes help to add a touch of class and style to your home. Reed diffusers are the most popular type: once the best fragrance has been chosen and the reeds have been inserted inside the fragrance dispenser, the room will smell pleasantly thanks to the reeds, which, soaked in aromas, will diffuse them into the surrounding environment. Another solution for giving a pleasant scent to your home is to use the new electric diffusers on the market; however, in this case it is necessary to purchase specific essential oils, and the scent lingers less than with reed diffusers.

How to choose the right fragrance for your home

The fragrance with which you choose to scent the rooms in your home determines its character and identity. Entering a place with a pleasant scent improves your mood, especially if the smell brings back past memories. Today we talk about olfactory design, a line of thinking in which scents used within a space contribute to its decor. There are fragrances suited to each room in which you want to place these fragrance dispensers:

  • for the living room, probably the busiest spot in the whole house, less invasive but nonetheless lingering scents are recommended: lily of the valley or mimosa are suitable for lovers of sweeter fragrances, while pine and sandalwood are ideal for those who prefer woody notes;
  • for the kitchen, citrus fragrances such as orange, tangerine and lemon are popular, since they can counteract unpleasant odours that might linger in the room;
  • in the bedroom, scents that stimulate rest, calm and tranquillity such as lavender, rose, linden or eucalyptus are particularly appropriate;
  • for the bathroom, fresh, vibrant aromas such as rose, sandalwood or lavender should be favoured, as well as marine or fruity fragrances.


Time spent in the home is made sweeter and even more comfortable when the chosen fragrances perfectly complement each other. The combinations of scents selected for your home help make it unique and personal, leaving an indelible memory in the sensory recollection of those who visit it and telling the story of those who inhabit it. 

Acqua dell’Elba products for a home with an unforgettable scent

The Acqua dell’Elba signature room fragrance diffusers are the best solution for those looking for original and high-quality fragrances. Fragrance dispensers with reeds come in a variety of product lines – marine, floral, citrus and spicy – and are available in 200 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml and 2500 ml sizes. The package can be customized with an engraving on the glass, placed under the label. Once the fragrance diffuser is used up, it can be replenished with a refill of the fragrance so that you do not have to buy the glass diffuser again, making it a practical and environmentally friendly choice.

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