How to choose body wash for delicate and sensitive skin

How to choose body wash for delicate and sensitive skin

How to choose body wash for delicate and sensitive skin

All too often particularly delicate skin is not treated with the right products, further compromising the skin’s health. The moment of cleansing is crucial in order to preserve the well-being of sensitive skin, which is why the use of the best products available on the market is an indispensable factor in achieving this goal. So let us take a look at why it is best to opt for specific body washes and what fragrances you should choose if you have sensitive skin.

Why opt for a body wash rather than other cleansers?

The chemical composition of detergents used in the shower has a crucial influence on the skin’s well-being. A high-quality body wash has a more liquid composition than an ordinary shower gel and is designed to be used either in the bath or in the shower, applying it directly to the skin. The particularly fluid consistency allows dirt to be gently removed, leaving a clean and fresh feeling.


This product’s formulation makes it more suitable for those with easily irritated skin, since it has a neutral pH between 5 and 6, similar to that of the dermis. Unlike body wash, ordinary bath gel was created to be dissolved in bath water, not applied directly to the skin; its composition, which is richer in surfactants and has a higher pH than that of the body, makes it ineffective for the health of the epidermis. It is also a product with intense fragrances and is particularly foaming. In any case, in the presence of specific skin disorders, it is essential to read the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) carefully in order to avoid unpleasant skin irritation.

What body wash should those with sensitive skin choose?

Those with easily irritated skin should pay particular attention to the product’s components when choosing a body wash. A basic premise is that it is best to opt for organic items rather than the generic equivalent, even if they are slightly more expensive. Depending on personal tastes and your skin’s needs, the following may be the most suitable options:

  • for dry, chapped skin: a body wash with a moisturising and emollient effect is ideal, with nutrients such as oats, honey, coconut oil and argan oil;
  • for oily skin with impurities: in this case it is best to opt for products with an exfoliating action, containing sulphur, horse chestnut or ivy extract, and perhaps enriched with sweet orange essential oil;
  • for acidic, foul-smelling skin: aloe- or green tea-based body washes scented with a lemon essential oil can give this type of skin a fresh and deeply cleansing sensation;
  • for an energizing effect: ginger, black tea and ginkgo biloba products are preferable;
  • for a relaxing effect: a body wash with lavender and mallow oil is the best option for this purpose.


The body wash used in your daily body care routine directly affects your skin’s health. Use of high-quality products is a must if you want to preserve your skin and avoid annoying irritations that could affect your daily life. Paying proper attention to what you use on your body is a key step to cleaner, nourished and, most importantly, healthier skin.

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