Scented candles to create the right atmosphere in your living room

Scented candles to create the right atmosphere in your living room

Scented candles to create the right atmosphere in your living room

Lighting scented candles inside home environments can have a strong effect on the mood of their occupants. When it comes to particularly busy rooms, such as the living room, it is important to choose candles that are not completely random, but instead fit the mood you want to achieve at that moment. So let us consider why you should choose scented candles for your home and which fragrances you should opt for based on your needs.

Why choose scented candles

Candles possess a great relaxing and evocative power: watching the small flame slowly melt the wax can bring solace following a busy day, but what makes these objects valuable allies against daily stress is the delicate fragrance they emit. Scented candles can stimulate specific moods based on their aroma. Choosing the candle that is best suited to your current moods is essential to give yourself a pleasant moment of escape from reality, as well as to regain energy lost during a tiring day.


Placing a scented candle in the living room will immediately make the room cosier and comfortable, providing an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. It should also be remembered that the scented candles available on the market today are wonderful furnishing accessories thanks to the glass packages in which they are usually placed, which are often customized, helping to make them unique, highly decorative pieces. They are suitable for decorating the home, making it more hospitable and creating evocative atmospheres. So what are the best aromas for scented candles to place in your living room?

Tell me which fragrance you prefer and I’ll tell you the best way to use it

Each fragrance possesses a strong power, which is why it is important to carefully choose the right scented candle to recreate the desired atmosphere for your living room. Let us consider the nature of the most popular scents on the market:

  • floral: this type of fragrance can transport your mind to the middle of a springtime flower garden, no matter what season you are in. The fragrances of rose and jasmine gently fill the room, lingering without ever being excessively intoxicating.
  • citrus: this fragrance is ideal for those who wish to regain a hint of vigour and energy that has been lost. Notes of lemon, orange, and tangerine restore your spirits after a stressful and tiring period, giving you the sparkle and zest you need to regain the required strength and energy.
  • marine: for those nostalgic for strolls along the shoreline accompanied by the tireless sound of the waves, this kind of fragrance will momentarily take you back to the shore of your favourite beaches. The salty odour, although it reaches the nose in a delicate way, lingers in the environment and evokes the sea breeze of your most beloved places.
  • spiced: this type of fragrance is the perfect solution for those who are looking for intense scents with hints of cinnamon and incense. A little tip: if you want to place a spiced candle inside the living room and you are waiting for guests to arrive, it is best to make sure that these fragrances do not bother them, since they are somewhat pungent and may not appeal to everyone.


It is therefore evident that these objects are not merely furnishing elements that can warm and beautify a home environment: if carefully chosen, scented candles become tools for transporting the mind to distant shores, creating cosy atmospheres and evoking precious memories.

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The extensive collection of scented candles offered by Acqua dell’Elba is suitable for a wide variety of tastes in home scenting. For those looking for fragrances to use in their living room, you can source them online or through local retailers: floral, citrus, marine or spicy candles are available in different sizes – 1260 g, 425 g, 180 g – so that they can be completely adapted to the customer’s needs, offering them unique, dreamy atmospheres.


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