Father’s Day is approaching: choose the right gift for him

Father’s Day is approaching: choose the right gift for him

Father’s Day is approaching: choose the right gift for him

The Acqua dell’Elba Gift Box, a modular and personalized gift for Father’s Day


19 March is Father’s Day, a lovely occasion to honour one of the most important people in our lives.  So what better gift to give him than a gift box with his favourite Acqua dell’Elba signature products?

Create your Father’s Day gift box

The Acqua dell’Elba modular Gift Box

is a unique and original gift that you can personalize with your dad’s favourite products


 You can purchase the modular Gift Box by choosing different sizes that can hold from 2 to 5 products


If you are looking for the perfect inspiration for your dad, you can choose, for example

  • Deodorant: available in a variety of scents, it is a must-have in a travelling dad’s bag.
  • Aftershave: ideal for moisturising the skin after shaving, it can be combined with the scent of deodorant for an even more intense effect.

Add a men’s perfume to complete the gift

In addition to the deodorant and aftershave, you can complete the Acqua dell’Elba Father’s Day Gift Box with a men’s Eau de Parfum of your favourite fragrance:

  • Essence line: based on Lemon, Bergamot Grapefruit, Cistus and Sage
  • Classic line: a fresh, marine eau de parfum with citrus and musk notes, a timeless fragrance.
  • Archipelago line: aromatic and floral, this men’s fragrance has hints of sage, pepper and rosemary and a floral note of lily of the valley and jasmine.
  • Blue line: a citrus-woody scent with lingering notes of cedarwood and the springtime freshness of jasmine.


If your dad loves sports, then the Sport Line with its citrus and floral notes of bergamot, with sea lily and sage, will be the perfect fragrance for him.

All fragrances are available in different sizes (50 and 100 ml) on the Acqua dell’Elba online store and in single-brand stores and will allow you to create the most suitable Gift box for Father’s Day. To surprise him and make this day even more special, you can personalize the gift by adding a beautiful card with a dedication handwritten by our artisans.

Our passion for the sea in your Gift Box


Giving an Acqua dell’Elba gift means giving authenticity, craftsmanship, sustainability, and all the poetry of the sea. Acqua dell’Elba aims to convey the essence of the sea to its customers by recreating it in the brand’s fragrances.  So with the Gift personalized with your chosen products, you give a present that encapsulates the sea.

A gift that evokes values, tradition, respect, and above all, love: for the sea and for the people dearest to us, such as Dad.


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