Women’s Day: make it unique with an Acqua dell’Elba gift

Women’s Day: make it unique with an Acqua dell’Elba gift

Women’s Day: make it unique with an Acqua dell’Elba gift

How to choose the right gift

Each of us has our ‘special women’ in our hearts: whether it is our own mother, wife, partner, family member or friend, a gift for Women’s Day is always welcome, especially if is chosen from the heart. What better way to honour this occasion than by choosing a gift that can celebrate its many shades?


Acqua dell’Elba’s women’s perfumes are a lavish gift for those who wish to make a sophisticated, elegant tribute. Moreover, giving a fragrance as a gift is a gesture with deep emotional value: depending on the notes, you can convey a message of love or friendship, or give a memory which, as if by magic, resurfaces in the mind.

An original idea, the Preziosa gift box

To celebrate the richness of the feminine universe, Acqua dell’Elba offers a sensory journey through all its fragrances: Acqua dell’Elba Preziosa is the perfect and original gift for Women’s Day; a gift box that contains five 15 ml bottles of different scents:

  • Women’s Classica Eau de Parfum
  • Women’s Arcipelago Eau de Parfum
  • Women’s Blu Eau de Parfum
  • Women’s Smeraldo Eau de Parfum
  • Acqua Eau de Parfum for Men and Women


Within a single package you can give the essence of the sea, interpreted in five different shades, in a convenient travel size to carry with you at all times.

A women-led company

Acqua dell’Elba is a completely women-led company: 92% of its workforce is female.


Since its inception, the manufacturing company has always had a strong bond with the island of Elba and its inhabitants, guided by a desire to carry on the tradition of Renaissance craft workshops and a love of raw materials.


Celebrating Women’s Day every day

Women, their strength, and their approach to life should be celebrated every day of the year: the Acqua dell’Elba women’s fragrances embody their world and their essence.


On the online store or in single-brand stores, you can choose the ideal fragrance for your special someone. From the sophisticated and timeless Classic Line to the fruity and flowery Archipelago Line, the mysterious and deep Blue Line, Acqua with its hints of salt and citrus, the allure of Emerald, and the vibrant and energetic Essence Line.


All the Acqua dell’Elba fragrances are available in different sizes, perfect for any occasion: the 50 ml, which you can always carry with you, and the 100 ml, a must-have in your suitcase. To envelop yourself in an even more intense fragrance, you can combine a body cream of the same essence, applying it after showering, which will leave a pleasant scent on the skin.


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