“Notte d’Estate” (“Summer Night”), the Best Part of All of Us

“Notte d’Estate” (“Summer Night”), the Best Part of All of Us

“Notte d’Estate” (“Summer Night”), the Best Part of All of Us

There is a time of day when the emotions are all perfectly in balance with each other. Joy, expectation, surprise: everything within us blends into one wave, caressing our thoughts. This is the hour when the lights of the city start shining and the sky envelops everything in its silent embrace.

This is a fresh hour, made to breathe in and enjoy the last moments of the day, thinking about all those other minutes that just went by and all they left behind with us.

This is how Summer Nights begin, with the moon beckoning in between the houses as a promise, with a boat moored at dock where we can go rest. We gaze at the sunset unbelieving yet grateful, while everything around us smells of experienced life, every memory has the intensity of the present.

Evenings under the veranda with friends, a bottle of wine and a bowl of fruit, are precious memories, vital energy accompanying us in our return to daily life, as if they were a balm of happiness.

Summer Nights are an infinite expanse within which we enclose our need for light-heartedness, the best part of us all, the one persisting even beyond time, as a fragrance of the sea. Acqua dell’Elba’s “Notte d’Estate” (“Summer Night”) Home fragrance diffuser, with its core of aquatic moss, recounts of this magic that repeats itself: marine rockrose, orange and rosemary are the gardens of the barn where we spent so many evenings; cypress, thyme, and sage, the country road leading us to the beach; chestnut, juniper, and lentiscus, that Mediterranean green which always filled our eyes with beauty.

This year, Acqua dell’Elba’s range also includes the room spray, an echo of the seaside which soothes and refreshes, to be always brought along wherever you go. Just like those memories of those Summer Nights


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