The “Mia” Gift Box: Returning Home with the Essence of the Sea

The “Mia” Gift Box: Returning Home with the Essence of the Sea

The “Mia” Gift Box: Returning Home with the Essence of the Sea

The end of the summer stands for something different for us all: for some it means going back to work, a farewell to a magical time, for others it’s the beginning of a new adventure, a door opening up to a new horizon.

Whether you experience this time with sadness or enthusiasm, the sea still draws further away for everyone, with those long afternoons on the beach lulled by the water and the sun becoming memories to be cherished until the next year.

To bring along with you the essence of the sea even in September, Acqua dell’Elba has created the “Mia” box, a gift box containing two packages of Eau de Parfum for women or for men, in the 15-ml format. Classica, Essenza, Arcipelago and Blu are the fragrances on offer, perfect for leaving behind the summer season with an intense, floral memory full of beauty.

Within Classica, it arises from a blend of orange bloom, myrtle, and gardenia with the freshness of marine rockrose, while in Arcipelago it is evoked by the vivaciousness of lemon and tangerine alongside the sweetness of apricot. In Blu, flowers accompany woody notes, because as much as a memory is powerful, it still remains a memory, with melancholy at its core. A gift box which is a homage to the summer and the way it means something eternal and unreachable to all of us: energy, zest, the past coming back to visit us with tastes and fragrances that are our entire life.

A perfect gift to tell the person we love, or a friend, or a colleague, that all beautiful things always come back, just as waves always come back to wash the shore. In the continuous alternance between August and September resides the sense of our invincible ability to be reborn and look forward. Bringing along with us, as a secret, the essence of the sea. 


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