Lily of the Sands, the Enchantment of Life Returns to Surprise Us

Lily of the Sands, the Enchantment of Life Returns to Surprise Us

Lily of the Sands, the Enchantment of Life Returns to Surprise Us

Summer evenings carry the scent of distant memories and future dreams, they invite us to breathe in the past and imagine our tomorrow. It is in these moments charged with magic that the sea lily with its white flowers sprouts amidst the dunes, revealing all of its mystery, its desire to come back to surprise us after a whole winter spent resting underground, to survive the colder temperatures.


It is a patient plant, tenacious, leaning towards the future, living in such close symbiosis with the sea that it utilises its currents to reproduce, letting its extremely light seeds float upon the waves.


Every summer, this species of lily endemic to Isola d’Elba returns to bloom, filling our eyes with marvel and the air with a soft, fruity scent, delicate and elegant as its corolla, similar in its petals to some species of orchids.


The appeal of this tender yet extremely strong flower is such that Acqua dell’Elba has dedicated to it the fragrance of one of its Home fragrance diffusers, “Giglio delle Sabbie” (Lily of the Sands”), with notes of sea lily, freesia, gardenia, lily-of-the-valley, and marine rockrose.


Available in the 200-, 500-, and 2500-ml formats, the “Giglio delle Sabbie” Home fragrance diffuser narrates an ancient story which is always new, the enchantment of life returning to surprise us, stoked by the cool breeze of the first hours in the morning and soothed by the whisper of a calm sea, facing an empty beach.


Candid and pure, the “Giglio delle Sabbie” fragrance diffuses the silent enchantment of summer evenings, the terrestrial miracle of a vitality which responds to cold and bad weather by opposing them with awe and grace. An anthem to the most beautiful and surprising part of all of us, to a life that cannot be stopped, because it keeps moving along an infinite rhythm, just like the sea.


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