Eau de Toilette “Bimbi” by Acqua dell’Elba, the Scent of Summer Games

Eau de Toilette “Bimbi” by Acqua dell’Elba, the Scent of Summer Games

Eau de Toilette “Bimbi” by Acqua dell’Elba, the Scent of Summer Games

Summer is upon us, as a famous song says, and this is a sensation especially understood by kids. The unmistakeable air one breathes starting from mid-June onwards, after the schools have closed, when time dilates, and everything carries the scent of sun, sea and afternoons spent playing with friends. 

Acqua dell’Elba wishes to greet the nicest season of the year with a delicate Eau de Toilette dedicated to our younglings, a fragrance created with notes of orange and tangerine, which may also be customised with an engraving on the glass, right under the label. Perfect for a gift, or also as a tender gesture towards your own child. 

Intended to caress the skin with fragrances of fruits and flowers, the Eau de Toilette “Bimbi” (“Kids”) by Acqua dell’Elba evokes, with its citrussy lightness, all of the essence of a seaside holiday full of fun, immediately providing a sensation of freshness through its hints of helichrysum and marine rock rose. 

Available in the 50-ml format, this delicate Eau de Toilette for kids is the ideal travel companion for a summer spent far away from school desks and the greyness of winter; the scent of a new beginning, of days governed by the heat of the sun, games on the beach and the first swims in the sea, accompanied by mum and dad. 

A kids’ fragrance that is also perfect for the whole family, because it creates and evokes memories we all share since generations: little feet full of sand, hair smelling of the sea, our hands using shovel and bucket to build castles decorated by flotsam and seashells. The Eau de Toilette “Bimbi” by Acqua dell’Elba envelops the whole family in an embrace around the most precious treasure of all: the summer upon us, the sensation that this magic will return every year to surprise us, with its scent of freedom.


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