Edp Arcipelago Donna, A Fragrance As Strong and Sweet As The Emotions of Life

Edp Arcipelago Donna, A Fragrance As Strong and Sweet As The Emotions of Life

Edp Arcipelago Donna, A Fragrance As Strong and Sweet As The Emotions of Life

The Eau de Parfum Arcipelago Donna, with its fruity notes of lemon, tangerine, and apricot, evokes the image of a woman who is determined and pragmatic, yet always available for a loving embrace. Her children are her islands, her jewels, joined to her by a bond as sweet as jasmine and acacia. In the back and worth of daily waves, she always finds some time for herself, a moment of freedom as inebriating as the scent of orange blooms. 

It is during those afternoons with her friends, sitting at a café or drinking a spritz, that she feels that her life is an “Arcipelago” of emotions, with many small islands representing family, work and the social life she always desired, intertwined as in a marine constellation. Every star in its place, bound by an indissoluble connection. 

When she was younger, she loved to study but she always found time to have fun. Her parents feared she would get too tired: ‘If you go out tonight, how can you prepare for your exam properly?’, used to ask her mother, but she would come home with full marks and in the end, her university results were worth more than a thousand answers. 

Love was always her secret. She loves books, friends, and she also loves him, the one he met at school, her first and only partner. Together with him, she built the most beautiful family she could ever imagine and thanks to him, who always supported her, she was able to create her wedding planning agency. 

For her, every morning starts with two kisses, the first “good morning” from her kids, who are the first to awaken her, smiling and serene. When she is tired, she thinks back to the eyes of her daughter on the day she was born, innocently gazing wide open at the whole world, to her velvety skin and her perfect mouth, and she finds herself moved. Is there anything more beautiful and important in existence? As well as the first time her little boy walked, the determination with which he placed one little foot before the other to reach her, with his arms reaching towards hers: these are her special resources, her daily dose of energy. Those moments with her friends and those dinners with her husband are instead relax, the cuddles she likes to give herself when she docks at harbour to unwind. 

Once in a while, she asks herself how this could all have been possible. Is she really such a perfect mother and wife? Maybe not, as everyone else, she has her own defects, but love is at the centre of it all. Even when the work meeting runs late: one look, one embrace, and every colour goes back to its own place, as harmonious and surprising as ever. 

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For Mothers’ Day, Eau de Parfum Arcipelago Donna. 
It’s the perfect gift for Mothers’ Day, perhaps accompanied by its corresponding bath line in a customisable package of your choice. A perfume for women that is perfect for the warrior-princess, the affectionate mother, the woman who loves her career as much as she loves playing with her children, between the freshness of citrus fruits and the sweetness of apricot. Zesty yet soft notes, sensual yet vivacious, in a continuous whirlwind of work and family, social time and intimacy. A fragrance as elegant and feminine as jasmine and helichrysum, as strong and determined as moss and the strawberry tree. Because every mother is all this, and even more. An “Arcipelago” of emotions, as complex and wonderful as life itself. 


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